THP People: fellows, visiting professors, researchers

An international committee of Senior Fellows, in collaboration with Fondazione 1563, directs the Turin Humanities Programme, identifying topics for the research projects and selecting Directors of Studies and Junior Fellows.
For every research cycle, two scholars will

be appointed as Visiting Professors, one for each year of the cycle. They will be nominated by the Director of Studies with the approval of the Senior Fellows and they will contribute additional perspectives on the main research project chosen for the cycle.

Senior Fellows

  • Vincenzo Ferrone
    Department of Historical Studies, University of Turin
  • Nicholas Cronk
    Voltaire Foundation, Oxford
  • Elisabeth Décultot
    IZEA Interdisciplinary Centre for European Enlightenment Studies, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg
  • Serena Ferente
    History Department, University of Amsterdam
  • Nino Luraghi
    Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford
  • Sophus A. Reinert
    Harvard Business School

Visiting Professors

  • Mirko Canevaro
    University of Edinburgh
  • Daniel Lord Smail
    Harvard University
  • Hilde De Weerdt
    KU Leuven
  • Céline Spector
    Sorbonne University, Paris

Junior Fellows

  • Matthew Hewitt
    2023-2025 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Bianca Mazzinghi Gori
    2023-2025 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Ella Karev
    2023-2025 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Laurie Venters
    2023-2025 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Rudi Capra
    2022-2024 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Giorgio Lizzul
    2022-2024 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Yagi Morris
    2022-2024 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Evgeniya Shelina
    2022-2024 THP RESEARCH CYCLE
  • Graham Clure
    2021-2023 THP Research Cycle
  • Ariane Viktoria Fichtl
    2021-2023 THP Research Cycle
  • Brynne McBryde
    2021-2023 THP Research Cycle
  • Tom Pye
    2021-2023 THP RESEARCH CYCLE


  • Valentina Altopiedi
    University of Turin
  • Giuseppe Grieco
    THP Scientific Tutor; Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Turin
  • Alessandro Maurini
    University of Turin