Tom Pye works on the political and intellectual history of Britain in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. He is particularly interested in the history of historical ideas, and has also published more broadly in the history of political thought for Modern Intellectual History.

His doctoral thesis explores the relationship between the Scottish Enlightenment and the English constitution, and tries to explain why this might matter for the way we think about eighteenth-century British history. He is currently preparing the manuscript for a book.

The project he began in Turin as a Fellow of the Turin Humanities Programme examines how eighteenth-century ideas about property, constitution, citizenship, and history played out in the conquest and settlement of Britain’s ‘second’ empire. In doing so, it hopes to contribute a British chapter to a pan-European story about Enlightenment and its legacies.

Research cycle

Enlightenment legacy: the rights of man in a global perspective.

Tom Pye

The British Constitution and the Second British Empire

Tom Pye