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Turin Global History Blog

Turin Global History Blog

Turin Global History Blog2023-04-03T12:09:50+02:00

The TGH Blog is a forum for presenting and debating new research in the field of global history, and in particular on the history of ideas, knowledge and culture in global and transnational contexts.

The Blog contributes to the Turin Humanities Programme’s mission of promoting the study of global history at the cutting edge of international research, while bringing its importance to the understanding of present times to the fore.

To complement the THP research activities and publications, the Blog offers a public space for presenting and discussing new contributions and approaches to global and intellectual history. It does so in a dynamic and accessible format that aims to promote debate beyond academia.

The Blog wishes to contribute to the revival of Turin’s renowned tradition of historical studies in the 20th century, drawing on the methodological legacy of Franco Venturi studies on the Enlightenment and intellectual history in a transnational, and cosmopolitan context.

The Blog takes as its starting point – but is not limited to – the themes of the THP’s research cycles: Legacy of the Enlightenment and Human Rights (2020-22); Early-Modern Body Politics (2021-23); Slavery and Race in the Ancient Mediterranean (2023-25).

The Global History Blog welcomes contributions (think pieces, reviews, interviews) on any historical period, methodology, or context, focusing in particular on topics such as:

  • Europe and the World
  • Comparative analysis of cultures and societies
  • Cross-cultural encounters
  • Transnational connections and circulation of ideas
  • Histories of globalization
  • Empires and colonialism
  • Languages of rights
  • Capitalism and political economy
  • Scientific knowledge

The blog is open to contributions from postgraduate students, early career and senior researchers.

To submit a contribution, please email

Blog articles may be submitted in English, Italian, French and Spanish. Articles should range between 750-1000 words, and include a select bibliography (up to 8 titles). All submissions must include a brief biography of the author (3-4 lines) and two pictures relevant to the theme.

The blog is edited by Giuseppe Grieco, with the support of the Turin Humanities Programme Officer, Virginia Ciccone, the THP Junior Fellows, and the international committee of Senior Fellows. You can see their profiles here.

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