Nicholas Cronk, Director of the Voltaire Foundation, Professor of European Enlightenment Studies, and Fellow of St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford.

He is the general editor of the Complete Works of Voltaire (203 volumes, 1968-2021), and was the Principal Investigator of Electronic Enlightenment (2000-2009).

His principal research interests are related to the French Enlightenment, and touch particularly on Voltaire, on questions of critical editing, and on aspects of the history of the book and correspondence studies. He is also interested in the development of digital humanities research methodologies for textual research.

His latest publications are: Lettres sur les Anglais, directing critical edition for the Œuvres complètes de Voltaire, 3 vols, 6A-C (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, 2020-21) ; (with Glenn Roe) Voltaire’s Correspondence: Digital Readings (CUP, 2020); ‘Electronic Enlightenment: recreating the Republic of Letters’, in Digitizing Enlightenment: digital humanities and the transformation of eighteenth-century studies, ed. S. Burrows and G. Roe, Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment (Liverpool University Press, 2020), p.55-72; and ‘Voltaire: the Orient of the Enlightenment’, in A Companion to World Literature, ed. K. Seigneurie (Wiley Blackwell, 2020), vol.3, chap.47.

Research cycle

Slavery and Serfdom in Europe and the New World: Debates in the Early Modern Period