Shelina current research is dedicated to the project “Medieval Corpus and its Parts through Corpus-based Semantics”. She studies the usages of the body metaphors in pre-modern Christendom utilizing the methods of the distant reading. This approach allows her to look at the usage of the metaphors by dozens of medieval authors (together and separately) and to access the information about what is called a non-conscious of medieval authors.

The study of the semantics of corpus in dynamics (taking into account that Christendom in its medieval representations is a body) is one of the general lines of analysis whose results can allow us to discuss the global structures of medieval society and to look at this society as a dynamic system.

This study of the semantics of the “body” in medieval Christendom enables us to propose some hypotheses concerning the question of how the Church ceases to be the Corpus and becomes a subsystem among others in the reconfiguration of social organization (presumably in the 17th-19th centuries), how the “body of the state” replaces the “body of the Church” through an inversion of superiority.

2022-2024 Research Cycle

Political Thought and the Body:
Europe and East Asia, ca. 1100-1650


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